Court ruling overturns Net Neutrality

It’s all about more and more greed from some on the wealthiest companies in the world. The whole subject sickens me. The internet as we know it now is slowly dying. It not so many years to come you’ll be telling younger people about when the net was open to everyone on the same level and amazing.

“When you make something universal … it can be used for good things or nasty things … we just have to make sure it’s not undercut by any large companies or governments trying to use it and get total control.” - Tim Berners-Lee

Alliances between governments and corporations. Governments and corporations will not stop until they have complete control over the internet and therefore total control over the flow of information. It’s tyranny plain and simple. Control the flow of information and control the people. That’s why governments around the world are working to implement ways to control it. This may sound exaggerated but the change is coming. It won’t happen quickly just slowly and surely.

When restrictions start to become more and more visible I think governments and corporations will see just what a angry and determined cyber army of like minded skilled individuals are capable of.

“When you seek to protect there are those who seek to destroy.” - Julian Assange

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Yeah i read about this. Its really bad.

It is bad. But it makes competition between ISPs more frequent. Isps know they can make other Isps look bad by not charging people for every little thing on the internet. If a isp trys this ■■■■. Go to another isp. Speak with your cash. Its the only way to create change and show them they cant get away with it.

I would prefer the status quo rather than having to vote with my feet.

Im with you on that.