Couple of ITEMS for you to know about.

Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

#1. I have now updated to v3.0.18.309 with that comes a scan of my system by your virus protection, two were found and marked for DELETion, did not delete them. Investigated what they are and one is a dll file that is part of Universal Extractor v1.5 and is not allowed to be Submitted, “File is in safe files database and therefore not added for submission.”

#2. Virus Identified Obfustat.FDT(ID=0x755a8), is part of software on my system, not used yet, 'Serials 2000 v7.1 Plus, file; UnSEU2.exe. Also not deleted but investigated and found the above information and attempted to submit and received the same message as quoted in #1. above.

Do you NOT know what is in your list of ‘Allowed’ files? Do you not ever check to see if they may be listed
erroneously else where or maybe in your allowed listing erroneously? I would be in some deep problems about now if I had followed your software’s suggestion. This is also why I am such a curious animal and make as many attempts to determine what should and should not be on my system. I do make some ERRORs at times and need to pay for my ERROR Ways. My next investigation will be, How do I turn OFF the Virus scan feature so I may use my AntiVir by Avira which is updated daily and has protected me for about eight years.

I feel very confident that those files were NOT placed in your ALLOWED list erroneously.

#3. I did do the UnInstall of v3.0.15.277, but; did not run any of the RegCleaning software you have so graciously provided. A little more involved for a NOVICE NEWBIE like myself. Still need to go in and see if all entries are correct as Gibran has requested some that have had problems to provide for troubleshooting.

EDITED by NONE other (NTxLS)> Just finishe #3. Checking on entries being correct, they are and so far NO complaints with this install. I Applaude you and Comodo for doing the install much better, W/O a BSOD, so far.

Thank you for reading my roaster postie,

Point #2: It could be that that program was infested with a virus and only the virus was deleted from the executable. It’s very possible given the origins of that program. cough

Star Shadow,

Ah, this could be true, except it has been on my system since 2004, before I received it, and has not been discovered before by ANY A/V even Comodo’s.

Will check into any other possibilities later,