Couple of issues


Been happily using CFP for a while now and just installed the latest update which has presented a couple of problems.

  1. I keep getting alert pop-ups for thunderbird and firefox, both are just asking if the program can access the screen directly, I keep selecting the trusted application option (as usual) but it pops up every few seconds. If I click accept (i.e. the one of ‘yes’ option), it goes away for a bit but then comes back.

  2. I can no longer click a link to a file in firefox and have it open in a program. An example is, torrent files. I used to be able to click the torrent, it would automatically save to the temp directly and I would select what program I wanted to open the file in (utorrent). Since the update I get an error saying that it couldn’t open it and that I should save the file to my HD first (which works).

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,



Welcome to the Comodo Forums

When you click on the popups be sure to click the remember box. You can also make Thunderbird an “email client” and firefox can be made a “web browser” in firewall → advanced → network security policy → application rules.

If you can’t get it working like you want you can uninstall it (in safe mode) and go back to That version was the one that seemed to work the best for a lot of people.