Country flags for the IP's in Active Connections CIS 2011 !!

IMO it would be great if CIS 2011 would adopt this feature ! Sometimes when I play an online racing game or some shooting game and I’m the host I would find it very helpful to see the country flag attached to the ip because some games do not have kick feature ! There are players that cheat or displaying an antisocial behaviour and I would want to be able to do something about it !!

This would be something p2p software like uTorrent have, where you can see the country flag near the ip of the peer/s that you connect to !
If I see the player’s ingame flag and the flag its the same near the ip showed in Active Connections maybe then I could block him to connect to me if I cannot kick him !!

What do you guys think ??

thats a really good idea but doesnt firefox have an add on for that or it does something simaler

Don’t know about that addon but what does firefox has to do with playing an online game ?!

When I play a game, I minimize it and then go to Active Connections panel from the Firewall and block the connection/s from there !
I don’t think that addon will show me the game’s connections so I could block, I think is only logical that the addon will only show connections for firefox when I surf the web and not for the game, except maybe if it is a browser based game !

P.S. Are you a real helping person or you just post to increase your number of posts ?! I don’t think they would make you President just for that ! LOL

sorry the only games i play are browser based i thik i read to fast again im sorry but at least you know about the addon now

the firefox addons are FlagFox Flagfox – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) and WorldIP i use both since they pull from diffrent geoip databases.

+1 for country flag on active connections

i’ll also sneak in my wish for copying ip adresses as text on the active connections and maybe doing a whois just like the firefox extensions above mentioned :-TU



Also, even better, combine the country flag with domain name, i.a.w. the suggestion in topic 30498.0 (14 replies there). My #1 priority for new features!

Increases n/w traffic and uses bandwidth because of lookup, If this is implemented there an option should be made available to turn it off - Please.