Country blocking in firewall

I’d asked for this in previous versions, but will try again. I feel blocking by country would be a great addition in CIS. This could be accomplished in a manner of ways:

  • Providing the possibility to use the (free) Geo Country Database by Maxmind
  • Providing the possibility to use Access Control Lists, like the free Country ACL from Country IP Blocks
  • Reverse DNS look-up based country blocking, for example with Comodo’s own database

This could be especially useful for those operating a mail server or just to block some potentially dangerous countries like China (this is not racism, but the majority of Spam, Malware and Cyberattacks originates there).

Thanks again for considering this!

I personally do not see any possible and viable reason why i would wish to block entire nations.
The major browsers out there have several extensions which indicate the location of servers etc.

To make sweeping generalisations about china and other countries is quite absurd as spam and other forms of malware are a global problem.

So in that respect i dont think this idea is useful at all.

Thank You.

You obviously have no idea about the internet or how to use CFW’s application-based blocking.

A firewalls main function is to stop illicit connections inbound and outbound so the country of origin of these connections is totally irrelevant.

Your comment is just like most paranoid comments and totally unjustified.

FYI. In london there is a large railway terminus called clapham railway junction and the inventor of the web.(tim-berners lee) used to live here when he was younger and he got the inspiration for the web from this railway terminus.

I could go on about this but you get the general idea.(i hope)

Thank you.

Please do not make this a personal issue guys. :slight_smile:

:-TD for me

As is yours for using authority arguments.

Asking for an option for IP filtering has been done many times already. Outpost used to and may still offer the capability for IP filtering as part of its plugin facility (Blockpost).

Kaspersky has this function also in its suite.
I believe online armor premium is capable of this too.

I just dont find it a useful function to have.

Thanks. ;D

I voted no, it seems like a sledgehammer to ■■■■■ a walnut.

Oh no, my secret tactic to walnut cracking has been revealed! While excessive it’s very effective. :wink:

Myself I haven’t voted, having conflicts in my head, I’m for usability and options but also such a feature could be dangerous and potentially legit developers could lose a lot of income if something like this became widely used, suddenly everyone is blocking China and then legit developers and even the normal users would be affected.

Though I think I’m leaning more to “Yes” for reason stated before, though I would pesonally no use it and I would recommend against using it unless you know what you are doing.

Edit: apparently I had already voted “Yes”… my memory isn’t the best =S

Please, fellow users, understand that this would not be used to block EVERYTHING per country but to block country access in SPECIFIC applications where it might be useful, like a mailserver.

How many of you have a version of MS Word and only use basic font and paragraph formatting features? Others use advanced footnotes or chapter or field features which you might never have heard of but which still contribute to the program’s fame of being a very powerful application.

I simply cannot understand why people vote “No” with the argument “I don’t see the use”. In that case it won’t hurt you either that the feature is simply available. Like any powerful advanced feature, the application depends entirely on the needs and knowledge of the user.

For those who don’t know what you could use it for, simply ignore it. For others it could be a godsend.

So far I have not read a single valid argument against it, except maybe that blocking a country might lead to unfair disadvantages for that country. Then again, the use of the Internet is free to decide for any user and since this is a user decision and not something imposed on the user, the argument does not take. Power to the user!

I’ve reset the poll, added a third option and would ask those who don’t see the benefit to vote “Don’t care”, otherwise please formulate a specific reason why this feature would be detrimental.

Resetting a poll because it isn’t going the way you want it to is the quickest way to ensure that nobody is going to take your poll seriously.

Hmm…Comodo firewall has existed for many years without this function and it has worked flawlessly without it.

So why on earth would it suddenly be required now.?

Again i say its a not neede functionaity.
This poll should be retired gracefully.


That is beside the point of a wish list topic. If we didn’t have a history with you I would have left this alone but now I am thinking you might be tying to start a brawl. You are treading a dangerous area right now.

Again i say its a not neede functionaity.
We already heard you.
This poll should be retired gracefully.


It’s up to you to leave this topic alone and retire from it. Nobody is asking you to reply nor does it violate any forum policies. It’s a legit topic for the reasons I have mentioned in the above.


Quoted for truth and couldn’t agree more.

“Who generalizes grossly mistakes, ieach human should be judged individually.” - Some USA Civil War Sargent; very wise advice.

The Internet is precisely there to try integrate The World, not to discriminate even more, judging a Country by stereotypes is not only shortsighted but ignorant and unwise poor thinking.

You don’t get to tell me how I use my computer or my internet connection. Lack of vision is your limitation, not mine.

Jorgosch, You’ve stated your opinion on why you think it’s necessary. By the same token, others are allowed to voice their opinion on why they don’t feel it is necessary… This is how web forums work.