Country Blacklisting


my wish for v6.XX:

As it is not so widespread, but can be useful (IMO) my wish is that you implement in your FW a possibility to allow or block specific country for a particular (for example a browser) or all processes (like very few others players).

Thanks for reading.
PS. sorry don’t known to do a poll

Would you like a poll added? If so, just state what the question & responses would be and I’ll add it for you.

Hi, for the poll, i’m not sure if it a necessity (that was only in reference of the rule in this section) :wink:

I’m alone to thinking that the country white/blackling can be a good feature to add another layer of protection? This thing can also be implemented with the secure dns but i prefer into the FW because you can create rules process by process.

why not add this to secure dns?

The two implementations seem to me plausible and interesting. But perhaps the implementation at the FW is more power users because i think you can create rules finest.

That said, at present, I do not know of any free secure DNS service that allow filtering the country. Maybe I’m wrong but that would be possibly a first one for home users (symantecDNS or dyndns free cannot do that, for example).