Counter strike with comodo

i played counterstrike today and i got a high ping and lagg. Could it be caused by comodo? I am not running any download programs or other, just Steam and Counter-Strike. Is it caused by comodo or is it just me? And yesterday i could play without any lagg and high ping.

I can confirm this. TF2,COD4 and UT2K all result in higher pings and latency. Seems like a bug in the new version of Comodo.

So Counter-Strike also includes that it woult result in a higher ping. Would it help if i exit comodo firewall?

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I do hope they sort this out soon.


You cant just exit out of Comodo. It protects itself and is built into the kernal. Submit a bug ticket. I am sending Melih a PM since I am the gamer around here. Try refreshing your servers a couple of times. Also be sure that all files are trusted in the firewall and D+ for Steam and gameroverlay.

I know this is my first Comodo bug. I sent Melih a PM.

I closed Comodo and joined a server in CS but i still got a high ping and it laggs. Is it because of the new version of Comodo because yesterday i played and everything was alright until i restarted my computer for Comodo’s updates to work.

You cannot shut down Comodo nor can you simply shut down and security software for that matter. if you could then so could malware or a hacker. Send a bug report in.

I sended a bug report in.
Would it help if i completely disable CFP? Will i still have the high ping?
How do you completely shut doen CFP?

Have you read my posts. You cannot shut off Comodo or any other security product just with one click. You can uninstall it and go back to 309 but I am sure as many bug reports as there is Melih will have it fixed this week.

So there will be a new update soon?

Most likely but till then you can deal with it or go back to 309.

Then i have no choice to deal with it and dont play it for some days.
Thanks for you’re help Vettetech.

Like I said you can go back to 309. Download it from FileHippo.

Since 3.0.16 i stopped experiments with Comodo3 on my computers.In fact this updates are more than updates they are releasing always very different versions with unpredictible behaviour.Updates should have solved bugs and compatibility issues not creating new ones.
I ve installed 3.0.14 the best realease untill now, in my opinion( less conflicts with other security softwares etc) disabled the AutoUpdate and my computers works excellent.I can play properly anygame.
I think the latest Comodo releases are going towards Outpost 2008 but strangelly this Outpost may be hogging the system but offeres lower pings than the Outpost 4.
I already started testing Jetico 2 and im quite satisfied ,its light like a feather and is excellent in gaming.

Jetico = $$$$$
Comodo = $0000

Just got note that the problem was found and a patch will be out Monday or Tuesday.

Okay, that would be great (:CLP)

Use the updater in Comodo it will fix your problem.

I updated it and I can play now without any lagg.