Counter Strike freeze?

I dont know whether its my firewall or my computer in general but since installing Comodo and playing counter strike the game freezes about 10 minutes in, could it be the firewall?

If anyone can think of any other reasons I would be grateful, thankyou

You can rule off Comodo by switching it off and use Windows Firewall for the time of the test and play CS for 20+ minutes, see if it freezes.
Another reason why it freezes could be your Graphics card overheats or your CPU overheats. Try playing with your computer cover open.

It would seem odd for it to be the FW, if the game works for 10 minutes. However, if the game tries an unauthorized network connection at that time, that would sure do it. The easy test is to switch CFP’s Security Level to Allow All and run the game. If it works fine throughout, then CFP is blocking something. Most likely with that, it will be network-related.

Then we’ll need to check out what rules you actually do need, so you can switch the FW back to Custom.