Couldn't update CIS - but Avira was the problem!

On trying to update CIS via the program I first got Error 109 ‘Internet connection got lost’ but then kept getting the Error 106 ‘Not able to connect to Internet’ message.

In each case I WAS fully connected to the Internet.

However on checking the actual IP addresses that I was connecting to using the free CurrPorts, I noticed that for every Comodo connection there was also a corresponding Avira Antivir Premium ‘Webguard’ connection.

I switched off the Webguard facility by right-clicking the Avira tray icon and found that the CIS updated without problem!

This only applies to the paid-for Avira, - the free version does not cause a problem with CIS updating.


Forgot to say, - I’m running Vista Home Premium SP2 on an Acer Aspire 7720G

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Does the webguard of AVIRA also interfere with other updaters? This topic at Wilders Security points a finger towards AVIRA’s webshield and loopback: Gibson Leaktest can bypass Online Armor? | Wilders Security Forums .

Webshields are sometimes acting as a local proxy. What happens when those proxy settings are used in the connection settings? They can be found under Miscellaneous → Settings → Connection.


Thanks for bringing this up. After an hour or so,4 or 5 attempts to download upgrade, and banging my head on the wall, your post made me remember to temporarily disable my AV program (ESET nod 32, ver. 4.0). i think I disabled the real time file system protetion & that automatically disabled the AV & Spyware also. (they are both disabled at the moment after download). hence, the update download went smoothly.