could you post this in the right topic please?

i’ve tryed the free firewall, the free antivirus, and the free cis premium and i get the same message.
cmdhtml.dll wasn’t properly signed. installation aborted.
now i shut of the driver signature ■■■■ in f8 of windows 7. i had comodo on last installation of the operating system, now i can’t get any to work. hell i haven’t even started downloading updates because i don’t want the bugs to come through the ■■■■ windows calls security. what have i forgotten to change this time that i probably changed last time to get the program to work.

i actually posted this question first here, by mistake, now i can only get a post gui in this chat. so if you wouldn’t mind helping a fella out and getting this into the right topic please.

You need to have the necessary Windows updates installed as all Comodo files are signed with a sha2 digital certificate, which Windows 7 does not know how to read without those new Windows updates.