Could we get a board just for announcements?

Thanks to all the Comodo team for a great product with a great future – CIS is one of my new favorites, and all my future SSL certificates will be from Comodo!

So, a suggestion – I’m subscribed to the RSS feed for this board, “Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS”. It’s the quickest way to keep up with new releases and other official CIS news. The release of 3.5.57173.439 was posted here a whole week before it appeared on the download web page, for instance. But there are a lot of other conversations going on here too. Please consider splitting the “Feedback/Comments” part from the “Announcements/News” part, so we have two separate boards, and in the “Announcements/News” only Comodo staff can start topics. Then we could have a good RSS feed to keep track of CIS news, without all the chatter.

Thanks, H

I guess separating the two would make it a little easier to navigate. I’ve noticed COMODO has started monthly insiders via email. Maybe in the future, emails can be sent out about updates and inside development news.