Could v3 be used in windows sp3 ?

I want to use windows sp3 , and I want to know whether comodo v3 can work well in sp3 . Thanks .

SP3 is beta…use at your own risk.

And if you do, let us know what happens.

Well… Vista SP1 is out, and CFP 3 is working fine! & Comodo did nothing to make sure it works with Vista SP1…

I think XP SP3 will run ok :slight_smile:

You think…lol :THNK

I installed SP3 and then CF3 and haven’t had any problems so far. But I’ve had CF3 less than a day.

Thats really not a good test but it will be hard to find support for any issues since its still beta. Spend a couple of weeks and see what happens. I learned many years ago (over 7) never to install anything beta. Especially service packs.

Microsoft is now calling it Prerelease 2, not beta, and I have it installed on my test dummy. Besides Microsoft considers the whole world as their beta tester.


CFP 3 should work just fine with SP3. As far as I know, there is no new big thing in SP3, only some minor stuff you even won’t notice. I know that some other peoples have used CFP 3 with former releases of SP3 without any problems.

Yeah, not even Windows DOS is done testing yet, it still has many bugs ;D

Still no problems with CFP3, but the added security in SP3 has brought IE7 to its knees
Slow loading pages, and timeouts. Now I expect to hear my fair share of I told you sos.

I agree on this. It should work fine, and we had a few people say it does work. If you do have some issue(s) with CFP 3 with the final version of SP3, please start a new thread.

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