Could this be an alternative to "real" sandbox apps?

I am considering to use a sandbox app. I tried Geswall, but it wouldn’t even run the browsers in isolated mode. It did work on the VM where I tested it, though. Go figure…

I also tried SafeSpace, but it makes use of a Windows process, which by turn makes use of 100% CPU.

I am going to see how I deal with sandboxie, but other thought came across my mind.

I don’t known if you guys ever heard of tools such as VMThinstall, and other alike. Well, they allow you to make “portable” (I say “portable” for I rather say they allow to make sandboxed versions of apps) versions of your apps.

I already had done it with browsers, antispywares (for PE environments), etc.

Anyway, since they allow to make sandboxed versions of browsers, for example, wouldn’t this be the same as running the browser in an isolated environment such as Sandboxie and alike tools? I mean, all that happens, happens within the sandboxed browser.

What do guys and girls think?

I use Altiris SVS which is very similar to Thinstall in that it isolates applications from the ‘real’ system.I’m not sure how the security aspect compares to SandboxIE,but personally I feel happier using the little yellow kite from a security perspective.The Altiris site plays down the security benefits as opposed to SBE,but I’m not aware of any specific testing on it.

IMO if safety is your primary concern,Sandboxie is unparallelled in its field.Safespace is a very attractive looking application,but I experienced quite a few resource and incompatibility issues when I tried it,SandboxIE on the other hand always works flawlessly.It’s not going to win any beauty contests with its dated and plain interface but ■■■■ it’s good. (:WIN)

Yeah, you right. I will make new sandboxed version of Opera (my browser (:LOV) ) and run it inside Sandboxie. Should provide even a better protection, I guess.


I use a sandboxed Opera most of the time myself and I’ve never had a single problem with it. :-TU

I agree with andyman, Sandboxie works great once set up :slight_smile: top of its class