Could the important topics be made sticky like in a spyware forum????

You have a good product and I am interested in using it , but the information is not organized in any simple fashion. It is making it hard to install. I’m talking about a careful/ paraniod install. I know from spyware forums that you need a firewall and the out of box settings are never good enough.

I would like to use and define the word “sticky”. It refers to certain topics that are permanently put on top in a given catagory in a spyware removal forum. I think I have seen the word “pinned” used. You could find examples at the spyware info forum if I do not describe it well enough.

The topics that should be “sticky” first are as follows:

  1. How to install.
  2. How to install on a dialup/dsl nonlan setup?
  3. How to install on a Lan based system?
  4. How to tighten up rules on both dial/up and lan based systems?( I found a link that says the 2.3.6 was supposed to be good enough with out tightening.)( I also found conflicting tightening designs.)
  5. Your own Fag read this first. (I would have this #1 , maybe on every page . )
  6. A link to Commodo’s support page.
  7. A link to the OLE hang problem that is supposed to be some sort of glitch.
  8. A link on Source and Destination problems pertaining to inbound and outbound directions. I still have not found any thing I like that explains how this affects the Application monitor verses the Network Monitor.The Application monitor does not have both Source and Destination tabs.
  9. A link on the use of a loopback rules or the reasoning for not having it. (This is/was a big problem with Kerio and Sygate forums, I think.)
  10. A link on processing order of the different monitors.( I found a few notes on the fact that the network controls everything and the application monitor works thru the network monitor. Or put another way, If you do not allow it in network monitor the application monitor is going to have problems.)
  11. Any links that I have not learned about yet. I want to install, run, and eventually tighten the rules if I have, to. Once I am satisfied, I will but it on my fathers computer.

From a Administration point of view , You would eliminate redunt questions, if it is in their face. It should also eliminate the extra help as well.

Just for the record I am not against Commodo., but I am real particular about my setup. Your forum needs to be as special as your Firewall, at least untill it can do everything at setup and has no visible bugs like my Kerio 2.1.5.

I do not expect someone to look up and tell me all the answers to my questions. I just wanted to give a complete list of what is not “easily accessible”. ( Thanks for reading thou.)

P.S. I have deleted all my found links I saved or I would include the answers I have found so far. ( I got a little frustrated when I found the OLE hang problem after fighting it for 2-3 days, was a bug.)

Excellent post! Thank you for taking so much time to make your point clearly and concisely.

Can you please PM me with what sort of details you are looking for for each point. The organic growth of the forums has been a concern for a while. Maybe “we” (nudge, nudge) could make this a project between us. Let me know if you’re interested.

Again, thanks for your post - much appreciated.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yeah ! Also the topics which are now sticky don’t show different than the actual non-sticky topics, it’s always hunting down for the latest non-sticky topics. (B)