Could that be COMODO?

At some point my COMODO firewall prompted me that some program, which name I didn’t recognize, wants modify file and/or directory. I blocked it since I didn’t know that program (umpt*.exe or something like that).
After that it seems I cannot access on my Firefox browser. All other sites I can access without any problems, but Yahoo takes forever to load and even when it’s loaded it is loaded with some strange incomplete look.
On my other PC when I tried to connect to Yahoo - COMODO asked me whether I want to create file and/or directory, I “Allowed” and then I could access Yahoo without any problems. Could that I accidentally block something with COMODO that is necessary to use Yahoo or I am barking at the wrong tree.
Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, To me it doesn’t sound like it’s comodo… But you could always double check.
Go to- Comodo → Defense+ → My computer security policy
Comodo → Firewall → My network policy

Now, Found that file you thought you blocked the other day, And remove it’s rule and click apply.
Try going on yahoo, etc. (You should also do a google search on this file to see if it’s bad or not)

Don’t worry if the file is bad, Comodo will alert you again when it tries to do anything…

Hope this helps.