Could someone please recommend a few good free proxies?

I recently downloaded and installed the SwitchProxy firefox extention to use its anonymizer feature, which automatically randomly switches between the various proxies you have configured, and Im just having a hell of a time finding proxies to use for it.

I guess its a SOCKS proxy I need to use? A proxy like requires you to go to their website and enter the webpage URL you intend to visit, this would not work for me, as I need to have multiple proxies set up so it can automatically switch … probably 120 second intervals.

I of course would need a few good free ones, and its also important to me for them to have a clearly defined privacy policy. I dont want to run into a honeypot or other malicious ■■■■.

I searched these forums a bit but couldnt find anything.

I come across all these ■■■■ “top proxy lists” and they will list a bunch of proxies, but a lot will be down, and the ones that are not down will not have a privacy policy anywhere to be found, it is really really frustrating.

Is there a site, something kind of like which reviews proxies?

Any help is much appreciated.

Try here:

I useful list and some description of each. (one of my favourite links)

Beware the lists of free proxies! :wink:

Have a hunt around these fourms for a thing called Trust Connect.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link sir.

Panic, is trust connect useful for proxies? I was once browsing through proxy lists several months ago and my AV caught a virus - I guess I dodged a bullet. The proxy lists must be hotbeds for malware, like those ■■■■■ sites.

Trust Connect is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) isn’t it?

Yes, proxies are definately malware hotspots! So are Peer2Peer programs like Limewire.

Do check out Comodo Trust Connect though!

Yea i never ■■■■■ with p2p stuff. A friend of mine had his computer go kaboom after visiting limewire land.

Also, interesting story. His brother is also pretty into computers. Once I mentioned computer viruses in a conversation with him, we were talking about MS windows. He says

“oh you dont have to worry, no one targets windows anymore”

That statement really showed his ignorance.

I’ll give Trust Connect a look-see, thanks for the input fellas.

man, through that link I found they recommend this .ru proxy list website.

.ru as in a Russian website.

Could this possibly be run by the Russian Business Network? Im not really interested in having those pesky Russian hackers try to hack me.

Hmmm… You might want to try here: The ultimate list of freeware utilities - Gizmo's Best

No. 9 (Free anonymous surfing service).

Also if you’re worried about cookies or tracking try the following firefox addons:

Distrust -

Stealther -

SafeCache -

I use Distrust everyday and Stealth occasionally. Only just discovered SafeCache the other day and use that perminently.

EDIT: Just found this “Php Proxy” Add-on :


techsupportalert is a good site - thanks for the link.

Just downloaded Opera Tor to try.

OperaTor runs OK, so I went to Gibson’s site to scan my ports. Port 22 is Open (in the ordinary Opera it’s Stealthed). Any idea why a port should be Open (I’ve let CFP stealth all ports)?

Port Authority Database

Port 22

Name: ssh
Purpose: SSH Remote Login Protocol

Do you have Remote Assistance or something enabled?

Yes, I saw the description but it didn’t mean much to me.

AFAIK Remote ■■■. isn’t on - only about a third of Services are running and 5 of those are Avast and Comodo.

Anyway, Port 22 isn’t open in ‘normal’ Opera, only in OperaTor; I wonder if it’s to do with Privoxy.

More than likely. Searching google it appears that a lot of Torrents try to run/open Port 22.


OK, thanks. If it’s ‘normal’ I’m not too worried.

OperaTor is slower than just Opera so I might just ditch it.

Tor is pretty slow no matter how you connect to it. Its because there is no central server, its just various people who decide to host a node because they want to support Tor and help it to grow.

Have you been to the onion core yet? Its a guaranteed place to find strong opinions and radical ideas.

… and a bunch of idiots, but you find those everywhere.

Might make me cry.

I was just a bit curious; I’d looked at Tor and Privoxy before but CBA to set 'em up. The integrated package was tempting but, with the slowness… I don’t really have a use for it.
It’d be easy enough to copy many of my Opera files in to it so that the 2 are the same (would have to edit some paths).

“Might make me cry.”


Hi, Guys hope you all are doing very well. Today I have question about anonymizing Software/ Proxy software. I am trying to find a Proxy server for free and I found a lot over the net BUT none of these are really good ones. When I use them my port 80 and 443 are reported open. But when I connect to the internet without using them my ports are reported stealthed. I also tried to use some proxy services BUT while I use them I can’t go online at all. So, My questions to you guys is that------- Can anyone please help me find some really good proxy SOFTWARES/ SERVICES which is FREE and SECURE. And please include the port number while you suggest any proxy services. But you don’t have to do that while you suggest any software. Hope you guys will help me out with that. I would really appreciate it.

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