Could someone please help me?

I’m new to this site but need help with COMODO Internet Security thing being unable to download the new Virus signature database. Have been trying now for the past 24hrs, and still no luck.
The program itself does not report and error, and have even checked and re-checked all my settings this end.

I apologise if this have been posted in the wrong section.

But I just need some help, that’s all. :-[

And please, nothing too technical. I’m no computer geek. lol

After installation of CIS with the AV it needs to download approx 100 MB of av database updates. Depending on your connection speed this may take a while.

Can you start the updater and see what percentage it reports? When it reports 30 % it is downloading the av database. Now go to Firewall → Common Tasks → View Active Connections → now take a look and see how much cmdagent.exe has downloaded. Now wait until it is completely ready. You will get probably get an alert to reboot. After the reboot it will continue the update (again start the updater to see how it progresses.

When it doesn’t report 30% can you tell what percentage it reports?

That’s OK. I uninstall it and downloaded the new version from the website this morning.
And so far, everything seems to be working normally. Woohoo!

Official Post from Dev’s on update issues: