Could someone please educate this guy!,70116,70119

Hi guys, someone with AVG forum registration please educate this guy, who does not understand the function of a personal firewall. He does not realise that the spyware and viruses their programs miss out is the ones that CPF catches, CPF is one of the last defenses when AV and Antispyware fails!

and here is a link for more info on that…,979.0.html

thanks for your help!


Did he say… “Since the protection provided by a firewall is less important than email scanning in protecting your computer…” And I thought Bill Gates said some stupid things in his lifetime… :o

If I wasn’t concerned about getting a rash creating an account on that forum, I’d personally slap that poster with a large wet trout! :wink:

Then I’d make sure he understood that the fix was implimented 12 days (including weekends) after that thread was started… but as long as his e-mail is secure… :-*


Let’em be…
At a glimpse, everyone can tell; who’s right, who’s wrong.

The problem with CPF is, you guys scores high at PC Magazine review, but it’s not idiot-proof.
There’s all over the forums… “I heard CPF is good, but it’s for a real hardcore user, bla…bla…bla…”

So… I guess this is one of those effect you got for being INTIMIDATING.

User with post like I stated above, mostly came from ZA.
They install the tool, do a couple of click, and let some pop-up-phobia to POP… and that’s it!
They never; I repeat, NEVER! have to go to the “Advanced” rule panel.
With CPF? …you have to. …or else!


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Can’t stay long on the forum tonight - I’ve got to get home and make sure my email scanning is running - it will protect me!

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Ewen :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your observation. We are trying to release a second beta today, in which we did take care of these problems. Default configurations, popup behaviors etc. changed pretty much((AVG issue is also solved implicitly i.e. no need to skip advanced security checks etc). I hope this will help users to be able to use CPF.

The thing is, they dont realize that when they use say ZA without as tightly configured as CPF’s defaults, they are vulnerable. So we have changed some of our defaults. If they need more protection, they must go and enable explicitly.

Oh my… ;D

For things like this is why AVG is soo weak compared with another AV’s… :wink:

Great news, Egemen.
I’ll surely try it for a spin or two.

I just fell off my chair! …reading the poster’s rank is: Forum Moderator!

... but there is no substitute to protect you from incoming email infections if you disable the email scanner

So this guy thinks avg real time scanner won’t scan emails? ::slight_smile:

When you said “So we have changed some of our defaults.”, followed by “If they need more protection, they must go and enable explicitly.”… you’re talking about CPF then AVG right?

Depending how one interprets that (if both related to CPF), it can almost sound like some of the CFP changes were to loosen up the defaults, but can be re-tightened manually.

Just want to make sure I don’t mix AVG comments with my understanding of the new Beta changes.

This is about CPF.

We disabled : DNS and COM/OLE monitoring by default. And added 2 new default network control rules.

We have also removed “Secure the host while booting” option from installer because it seems many users select it.

Added an option to installer to define the verbosity of the popups. Act as a server popups will be shown if necessary according to further analysis. Speed is improved significantly after some warmup period etc.
I will post the full list when we release.


Thanx for clarifying Egemen. I look forward to the release. ;D

Sounds great egemen, cant wait for it and the new CAV version. I can’t turn my email scanning on because of the resource problem. I know I know, it is the most important thing so I should just toss my computer out the window right. I mean the Firewall and AntiVirus is nothing, email scanning is everything!!!

Too funny!!