Could SecureDNS slow down my connection?

Can SecureDNS slow down my connection? Is there problem in SecureDNS or in my connection? My download only in range 0.1-1 KB/s and open Google homepage in 1 minute! What a bad connection! :-TD I am living in Indonesia and still using dial-up 56k unreliable connection.

Try with and without sercure DNS and you’ll see if there is a difference in speed.

Please run this tool to find out how good/bad your DNS speed is to several “external” providers…

DNS can only affect browsing, not throughput.

In other words, how quickly each new page you visit is located is a function of DNS, but upload/download speeds will be unaffected.

try this simple TELECOM test…

PING your IP without Comodo DNS
PING your IP with Comodo DNS

between the 2-Test, choose the lower ping result!

base on my actual (broadband NOT dial-up) test, Comodo DNS can correct web error display if you encounter a INTERMITTENT connection and since dial-up runs via wired connection which means high losses occurs, better SWAP the PRIMARY and SECONDARY comodo DNS and try it if it works!

lastly, sometimes clog registry and some spywares makes your PC slow and not actually your connection is slow.

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You can check and see if changing DNS servers brings a solution. But I don’t think that may bring the solution. First thing to do is test for malware using various scanners:
Hitman Pro
Super Antispyware
Malwarebytes Antimalware,