Could not use Comodo with Vista Business

I was using another firewall with Vista Business and decided to try Comodo. I uninstalled the other firewall, rebooted and installed Comodo. Well sorry to say the test did not last long. It was a couple of weeks since I used the computer but Firefox 3.0.1 would not even start up. IE7 would but when I went to download FFox 3.0.3 the whole system locked up! Comodo was current since I told it to check for updates.

NOD32 is my antivirus and it is up to date. Once I uninstall Comodo and and rebooted both Firefox and IE worked as they should.


A BIG suggestion for the developers of Comodo. When the application uninstalls itself make darn sure that the uninstall FIRST shuts down the Systray app. I had run the script here to fully uninstall it simply because the supplied install did not shutdown the Systray portion of Comodo before doing the uninstall!


Hello. We’d be happy to help you if you asked, but we cannot help you if you do not make a thread asking for help.

As for the uninstall, Most secrutiy software that works in depth of the system must be restarted to remove the drivers and entries etc.

Did I not post the first message in the V3 help section? If not then I am sorry.

I did indeed reboot the computer after the uninstall of Comodo. After the reboot I went to install another software firewall for Vista and it complained that Comodo was installed on my system. I had to find the thread here and download the vbs file which removed the traces of Comodo from Vista.

I had to uninstall Comodo to begin with since it was interfering with Firefox.

Would you like to discuss getting Firefox working?

A friend had a problem with that a few days ago with his Vista Business and Ultimate, when I looked at his logs it had a certain file, which doesn’t come to mind atm, being blocked that it wouldn’t even allow starting, updating, reinstalling, or uninstalling FF3. So we just changed FF to treat as Web Browser and then restarted and everything worked fine.

Yeah… Well if he still has Cfp installed then we can hlelp him… But if he uninstalls and then complains we can’t do anything :frowning: :-\