Could not connect to cloud server


Used to have CIS. Uninstalled and installed Comodo CAV instead. However anytime it tries to do a scan I get an error after about 5-10 seconds of scanning saying ‘Could not connect to cloud server. Reconnecting’ and then never does. Any help with this would be appreciated.

I’ve same problem. I install CCAV on Windows 10 x64. But I experienced cloud server connection problem everytime. I’ve asked COMODO support in Turkey, he reported that there was a temporary problem in CCAV cloud server in 3 days ago. But the problem still exist today. :frowning:

I use BandiZIP for file compression and HoneyView for picture explorer.

Valkyrie stopped when it started to analyse BandiZIP directory. So I uninstalled both BandiSoft and HoneyView.

Valkyrie now stopped when it checking VLC Media Player uninstall app (i.e. C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\uninstall.exe).

I renamed uninstall.exe to uninstall.old and deleted the file; then restarted Valkyrie Evaluation Scan. It now stopped for another file.

I think there is a bug / problem…!!!

Don’t uninstall your softwares guys…CCAV cannot scan your PC without a stable server or a net connection.
Be patient! Comodo makes Valkyrie stable…

OK, I want to give support to development of CCAV. But how I ensure about my protection until COMODO Valkyrie developed completely?

Thank you.

Been using other av on my netbook. Just trying ccav today but got this problem.
I think it’s a bug

I also have connection problem. But I don’t really care. The autosandbox is what protects you, not the AV. The AV is there just to calm down your nerves, not to really protect you.