could i install Comodo Personal Firewall on windxp ? [RESOLVED]

i want to install Comodo Personal Firewall on my PC.
my pc is windxp.

when i install it on my pc, an info appears below description :
In case you have any third party firewall installed, please uninstall that before installing
Comodo Personal Firewall , Would you like to continue . YES or NO ?

yes, windxp firewall is on my PC. but i have closed it.
how could i do with this info?

who can help me ?


I am not completely sure what you mean but will try my best to explain. 

At no time should you run more than one firewall at a time for many reasons, but let’s just say, they don’t get along well. So when you install a firewall, it will tell you to shut down the previous or other firewalls on your computer even if you don’ t have one or have it running. It’s just to let you know there may indeed be problems having two. So no need for worry, it’s just a warning is all.

Another note: if you go to your advanced tab in Windows xP firewall, you will see a box with a check and says LAN. I would UNCHECK it as Windows still monitors this by default. Also in the general tab, I would make sure file and printer box is CHECKED not unchecked, then by default Windows will not monitor these. I truly think Windows does this to confuse people and even some advanced users don’t know to do this. While it should be either “check the box to enable” “or don’t check it” Windows is backwards in that way.

I hope this helps,



thanks a lot!

and how to install it ,is there any notice about installing it ?

could tell me ?


If you mean installing Comodo Firewall, just go through the steps. I will try to do this from memory so bare with me please…

Run the setup the Comodo(version) .exe. When it tells you to make sure there are no other firewalls installed, click yes, or next or whatever it prompts you to do. You then agree to terms, install the firewall, and for you I would choose Automatically set up until you later become familiar with it. After that , you restart your computer , wait for comodo to show in the taskbar and your other programs and it’s done! Nothing to it. Remember, when you register for your free code, the second email containing the longer code will be what you use, not the first email with a shorter order code.

I hope this helps as well, if not just post back! :wink: