Could I catch the hackers?


I am usually attacked and hacked from nearby IPs and from internet hackers. Hackers might relate with perpetrators that have been torturing and violating me in Vietnam (see more my blog: my wordpressblog.

I post a screen captured in my laptop: is IP of the ISP modem router. The special is the modem router do not has the logger and uses private firmware. My laptop IP is (i will change it). Other IPs are from internet.

I scanned my laptop with anti virus of Comodo but not found. :a0

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What you are seeing is ICMP Type 3 Code 3 Deatination port unreachable.

Most of these are on your network 192.168.1.x I assume your PC and router. if you are using p2p these are quite usual. in fact seeing this traffic is not at all unusual. You can, if you wish, block and not log this traffic.