Could Comodo "partner" with Microsoft to help users?

I bet you were wondering what the heck? :wink:

Nah, I was just wondering if Comodo could get in touch with Microsoft, so that we could report any Comodo’s apps crashes to Microsoft, and that way, they both could see what could be done in order to solve such issues. i mean, any crash that may happen, may be fault of the Windows system.

Just a though.

Microsoft being Microsoft will say the crash/error was caused by the outside software, not by any Microsoft program.
M$ has their own support board, and personally, even they have issues.
It was a good thought, but I don’t think it will get anywhere.

Yeah, most likely. Well, …

It was I good idea (hey, maybe you could start working for M$, work your way up in rank, & then convince them!!! ;D).