could comodo firewall and antivirus possibly causing ipod to not eject?!

i cannot think of anything else that could cause it. itunes 7.3 (and again after backtracking to 7.1) says some files are in use by another application, yet i cant find ANYTHING else that is using the ipod, heck even windows says it cant be ejected. The only changes i have done in the last 24 hrs is install this company’s firewall and antivirus solutions and BOclean.

anyone able to tell me what i need to change in these programs (not itunes) to get them to stop doing ANYTHING with or to or on my ipod???

This is extremely frustrating.

I think this is a bug with CAVS that hopefully will be fixed with the next release or programme updates.


i figured it out, it was the CAVS, so for the meantime i have removed it and gone back to AVG, I will have to try it again when a new version is released.


There is an issue with the latest CAVS beta2, that displays the message that the drive is still in use when using an external drive.
This has been reported to Comodo.