Could CIS blocking my emails ?

I’ve installed CIS 10 days ago and am very happy with it!

Only there seems to be one problem : i use TB 3 as email client and even though it seems to check and connect with my email server it can’t download any message !!
It connects and sees there are 57 messages (e.g.) but after some seconds it stops and does nothing !

Please help to find out if there is some setting in CIS that could cause this or not !!

Thank you in advance for you kind help !! :smiley:

I use thunderbird for mail, so I’ve posted a screen-shot of my rules. Yours might be a little different, it depends which mail service(s) you use.

My rules are quite tight, in that I specify the IP Addresses of the mail servers I connect to, as defined by the [Mail] parameter. The POP3/SMTP ports are pre-defined and found under the Port Sets tab. if your mail server uses non-standard ports, you may have to adjust these.

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Thank you Radaghast, for your reply.

Please clarify which line, in your screen-shot, has got to do with the incoming email ability/function because i am a bit lost here… !

Also note that i can very well send any email i want. The only problem i hv is that even though it seems that TB is connecting to the server and sees the new messages, it can’t download them so i can see them myself (it can download headers only though but when i pust the button to download the main message, then it just dissapears !!).

thanks again…

The application doesn’t need specific inbound rules because the firewall uses stateful packet inspection, that is, it keeps track of the flow of information across ports. (simple explanation here Firewalls (2) - How Firewalls Work - )
So, the fact that you can make the connection and request data, implies the basic mechanisms are working correctly.

First things to check are the firewall and D+ logs. You’re looking for anything related to thunderbird. I’d also suggest, by way of a simple test, disabling the firewall and checking the connection, then disable D+ and check the connection. You can temporarily disable these components from the context menu on the system tray icon.

It might also be worth uploading a screen-shot of your Application and Global rules.

Radaghast, thanks again,

First of all i tried to find D+ logs but no luck, where are they ?

Also i’ve tried to disable Antivirus, Firewall and Defence applications from the icon on the taskbar (right click and then disable in each case all together simultaneously) but TB still doesn’t download !! ??? :cry:

any other suggestions ??? please !!!

Oh…also i dont’ know how to take a screen shot of my app and global rules…should i try to copy them ??

Here are a few links on how to take screen shots:

Screenshot-posting for beginners
Screenshot-posting for beginners post correction
Screenshot-posting for beginners

The logs can be found for both the firewall and Defence+ as the first item on the top left under each respective tab. (See screens)

To disable an item, right click on the system tray icon for Comodo, select either firewall or D+ then select disable. You can also temporarily exit from the program. It will only take a minute to test, then simpley relaunch the application.

If, after attempting these options, you still cannot download your mail, I’d check to make sure thunderbird is not misbehaving. To do this, on each or your mailboxes, right click and select compact. Sometimes TB can refuse to download messages if the databases are too fragmented.

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well, i did disable firewall and D+ options (along with Antivirus to make sure) and also i’ve tried once again by exiting the CIS but again the same problem with TB exists… should i bother you with logs and global settings in CIS or should i look more thoroughly the TB compacting folders possibility as you mention ?

Try compacting the folders first

Hi Radaghast,

I did compact folders and even emptied the inbox folder, transfered in a new folder the emails and then renamed this new folder to “inbox” but nothing changed, i still can’t receive emails…anyway i suppose this has to do with TB or my other settings and not with CIS ? right ?

if so, i will stop bothering you and thank you again for your patience and advises.

Sorry to hear you’re still having problems, right now my money would be on a problem with thunderbird.

  1. Have to checked the Error console for any related messages (tools/error Console)
  2. Do you collect your mail via POP3 or IMAP?
  3. If your mail service uses secure connections, make sure you’ve got the right ports selected and use SSL/TLS (make sure the required ports are allowed in the firewall, also)
  4. Try connecting in Safe Mode Safe Mode - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
  5. You could try enabling logging Session logging for mail/news - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Let us know how you get on

please note the following :

  1. error console has 3 errors:
    Error in parsing value for ‘-moz-appearance’. Declaration dropped.
    chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css, line: 186
    Error in parsing value for ‘-moz-appearance’. Declaration dropped.
    chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css, line: 190
    Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element ‘-moz-placeholder’. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
    chrome://global/skin/textbox.css, line: 68

  2. i use POP3 setting only and there is no secure connection with my mail server (for the past 5 years now) and the SSL/TLS is unchecked for the same reason

will try the rest of your suggestions and will revert.

Those errors are unrelated. One other option. If all else fails, try accessing the mail with a different client, maybe outlook express, It’s only for a test. You can also try creating a new profile in TB and if that works, import your mail.

Importing and exporting your mail - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Well, safe mode in TB didn’t work either…

I’ve already tried to download my email with Pegasus mail which worked and that is making me think it’s TB fault…as i’ve also tried the new Eudora open source version (which is based on TB as they say) and had the same problem i have with TB now.

will try to make a new profile and will revert…thnks again

so i’ve created a new profile with profile manager…what’s the next step ?

I assume you used the same details for the mail account as the old profile? Really, this test is just to check for profile corruption. if the new profile works and the old doesn’t… If it still doesn’t work, but Pegasus does, we need to establish the differences.

You are right, i’ve used exactly the same setting regarding my email account and provider…but how do i get to check the new profile ?
By creating a new account ?

Yes, create a new mail account (same settings as the old account). If it works, you’ll be able to import your mail from the old account.

One other thought I just had. A while ago I had some problems sending and receiving mail. In the end I deleted the .msf files in the Profile/Mail folder. There are quite a few of these file and they exist for each mail account.

Take a back-up of the Mail folder before deleting anything.

Ok i backed up my emails,

then i moved to TB/profiles/mail and there i got into every account name there was (local folders, local host,, and deleted inbox and inbox.msf files…

No changes !!! :cry: >:( >:(…again TB connects to mail servers, sees that there are 9 new emails… and then just stops everything before downloading !!!

is there anything else i could do before i kill my self ??? :stuck_out_tongue: