Could anyone please make an updated guide for configuring comodo for utorrent?

Hi. It seems all the guides are for older versions of comodo and do not work (at least for me) anymore. For example when I follow this guide I get comodo repeatedly asking me to allow or block utorrent. When I choose the “treat as” option and point it to the ruleset I have created, it asks me again and it does not give me the option of the created ruleset. Of course I have ticked the box “remember my choice”.

When I use Radaghast’s rules, utorrent won’t terminate at exit, it will still run at the background and I have to close it from the task manager.

Please, any help appreciated.

I never understood why “guides” are made with so many extra steps that are not even necessary and make it more complicated than it needs to be. The only rules you need for P2P applications such as for utorrent is have a global rule that allows incoming traffic for the single port the p2p listens on and duplicate that rule for application itself. For example if you have utorrent listening on port 21935 you would need to create a rule as follows: Action=Allow, Protocol=TCP or UDP, Direction=IN, Source address=Any address, Destination address=Any address, Source Port=Any, Destination Port=A single port= 21935. Then have that rule listed as the highest/topmost for the application and for the global rules section. Yeah its that simple, only time when you need one or more rules for an application is if you have the firewall set to custom ruleset.

To be honest, I also never understood the rules. So, is it safe to have just this rule add as application and global rule. What about outcoming traffic? Do I need any for seeding?

If the firewall is set to Safe mode then thats all you need because utorrent is a safe/trusted application and all safe/trusted applications are allowed all outgoing connections without alerting the user.

OK, I’m gonna try this. Thank you very much for your help.