Costum Scan

I think we should have a costum scan, so we can find folders/files to scan just for that one scan, without we have to save the scan…

Because rigth now, we have to:

  1. Click on “Create a new scan” (will still have to do this with costum scan)
  2. Click on “add” (will still have to do this with costum scan)
  3. find the folders, and add them. (will still have to do this with costum scan
  4. Click “apply” (We should just be able to press SCAN here.)
  5. Click “apply” igain. (or atleast be able to press scan here)
  6. Click on the scan, you just created.
  7. Click on SCAN.!!!
  8. After your done Scanning, click on “scan profiles”
  9. Click on the “scan” you created before
  10. Click on “remove”
  11. Click on apply… YAY DONE.!! :slight_smile:

You can already select multiple folders using Windows Explorer and do a right-click scan. Sounds actually quicker and easier than browsing folder hierarchies in CIS and then telling it to scan.

I see what he means, and I agree.

After you select to do a scan, just add an option for “Custom” which brings up the folder hierarchy and let the user select which folders to scan.

Sounds pretty simple… of course, why not just do a full scan?

So you want me to do several scans, if i want to scan folders on different locations?

I guess I’m at a loss as to why you have folders scattered all over your drive(s) that you only want to scan that particular folder in a particular instance. Otherwise the ‘save’ option would work fine for you.

If they are files you’ve downloaded or received from another system, wouldn’t it make more sense to put them in a common directory from an organizational standpoint? For example, I have a Downloads folder. If I want to scan any particular folders in there, I can easily select whatever multiple folders I wish to scan in that directory and scan them all with a single right-click scan.

I can see wanting to leave folders out of a full scan, but I just don’t understand the need for a one time scan of multiple folders in different directories feature.

I dont have them all over the drive, it was an example…
but maybe i wanted to scan 2-3 usb-drives, my musik and movie folder, + my steam folder.

and igain, this was an example to…