COS Service fails to start

The COS Service fails to start. See screen shot for error and Diognostic report.

This came about after I was getting sync backup failiures with scyning to cDrive, error codes 9 and 55. To correct this I downloaded your fix to erics problem found at This caused login failiures. These login failiures I sorted by going through the forgotten password routine.

I have also tried running the repair option and uninstalling and re-installing.

Windows 7 64bit
Macrium Reflect free


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Well, I got the COSService to work. Turns ouit it was CIS causing the problem.

On manually running a Sync backup to cDrive, the operation failed with:
01.12.2013 12:54:02 An error occurred during synchronization
01.12.2013 12:54:02 Saving final information…
01.12.2013 12:54:02 Synchronization complete!
01.12.2013 12:54:02 Synchronization process failed!
01.12.2013 12:54:03 Backup failed with code 55 (Access denied).

Debug info attached.

Copying files between Windows Explorer and through Instant Sync works fine.


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Try to run the sync process as administrator.
The automated sync to cCloud is designed to run “as a service” so it has administrator privileges.


I have now uninstalled cDrive and installed cCloud. Ccloud works much better for the wayI prefer to work.

Thanking you for replying.