Corrutption Blocking Internet

XP Pro system here.

I noticed that Comodo found an update and wanted to install it. I let it do its thing and it rebooted my machine. When my machine came back up i could not connect to the internet. Comodo said that the network firewall was not functioning properly. I tried to run the diagnostics, which fails because of a missing file. Framework.dll to be exact. It recommends reinstalling the software.

I download the latest version. It tried to run the uninstaller but also failed because of the missing dll. So now i am stuck in a loop with no way out. I read the guide on uninstalling Comodo v3, but it seemed to assume that the uninstaller would work.

Hey there,

I’ve got exactly the same problem then blue monster.
Does anybody have the solution for this problem?!?!?javascript:void(0);


Exactly the same problem for me as well… I thought it was a network-error, but everything works fine except that I can’t get on the internet… I’m pretty sure it has to do with Comodo… any solutions yet?

I just did the same update this morning. After DL’ing and installing the update Comodo asked for a reboot which I did and upon restart it asked for an immediate reboot which I did also. After the second reboot Comodo is telling me the firewall isn’t functioing properly and to pelase run the diagnostics utility to fix. After running the diagnostic it still shows the firewall isn’t functioning properly.

What gives?

Similar problem here!
I’ll try this manual uninstall
because the usual method isn’t working.
Then i’ll try to install the new version, I’ll report back here when i do.


Ok, i did the uninstall according to the guide, then put back the new 3.16 version and
loaded my configuration.
Everything is working now.
The only problem is that the manual uninstall costs a lot of time.

Comodo is still stuck on my laptop, and it still can’t get to the internet. I can’t get the uninstaller to work, and i am worried that deleting registry keys will mess up my computer.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Is there anyway for some one to send me the Framework.dll and tell me where to put it?

Framework.dll should be in both the program files/comodo/firewall and program files/comodo/firewall/repair folders. I’ll email you a copy as an attachment. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I have uninstalled/reinstalled and every thing is working fine now. (:LOV)

I am having the exact same issue as Blue Monster. It would be great if you could also email me the Framework.dll file you mentioned.

Done. Wonder where all the framework.dlls are going ???

Big THANK YOU sded!!! After putting the Framework.dll files in those directories and then running the uninstall and finally reinstalling 3.0.16 everything works great. I appreciate the help.

Pretty please could you send me the framework.dll? I’m getting the same framework.dll missing as Blue moster et al.

I’m on vista 32 home premium.


I also found myself with the same problem discussed above. I had my problem on my desktop computer and was able to get the “framework.dll” files off Comodo on my laptop. I uploaded the file at . Everything is up and running now. Good Luck

Same problem here :frowning:
Send me the dll please!!

I found it!

Thanks anyway (:WIN)