Corrupt installation?

I have just installed Comodo Firewall Pro and had some trouble with the installation, I think because I had not removed ZoneAlarm completely.
After a reboot, Comodo seemed to work OK and I have been using it for 2 days now.
My problem is…the program does not appear in the ‘Start’…‘All Programs’ list or the ‘Add Remove’ list in Control Panel.
I have installed the program to my hard drive in ‘E’ drive…‘Program Files’
In Windows Explorer, the Comodo Folder contains a sub folder called ‘Firewall’ but I think some files are missing. (I will attach a screenshot later when I am at my home computer).
I have tried to reinstall but all that happens is a message appears telling me that the program already exists and would I like to remove it.
I click on ‘Yes’ but nothing happens.

How do I remove this program to allow me to reinstall?

HELP!!! (:SAD)