Corrupt database after update [merged]

I got a pop up from Comodo Boclean saying that an error has happened up Boclean and it had to shut down. It shut down and then a message came up saying that an update was corrupt and I had to update it again. I did that from the all programs menu but I got another error message saying that a file was not working to allow the update. I uninstalled Boclean. When I had to restart the computer because it froze Firefox was set to default as long as its extensions. Will a reinstall fix this?? Has anyone else has this problem today?


I have had problems with corrupted updates before. After submitting a support ticket I got this reply:

Thank you for contacting Comodo

Sometimes it is possible to get a bad download - usually the very last packet getting somehow dropped.

BOClean checks its database before starting it and it has to be good.

Note: Stop BOCore and BOC425 before this fix will work

Whenever this situation arises, the solution is to go to the start menu, programs listing, look for the COMODO group, COMODO BOClean and in there, is an item marked “Updater.” If selected, the updater will go fetch another copy of the database.

Start BOClean again and it should work.

This document explains how to fix problems with CBOclean:


I have Windows 98se and BOC 425.001. Suddenlly, BOClean performed an illedgal operation - caused invalid page fault in module BOC425.exe at 0167:00418d8b. BOClean left the systray and I had a message “BOClean database is corrupt” with instructions to go to start menu and use “updater”. When I tried the updater I got another message “PERMISSION OR CONNECTIVITY PROBLEM - UNABLE TO COPY FILE TO BOX245 FOLDER.” I cannot get rid of the BOCLEAN DATABASE IS CORRUPT message.

I used add/remove to remove BOClean and it asked if it was running in systray - it wasn’t (but the corrupt message was still on my desktop) - it said it completely uninstalled BOClean. Upon rebooting computer I still have the BOCLEAN DATABASE IS CORRUPT MESSAGE. I looked into Program files and there is a BOC425.exe and BOC425.dll - I put them in my recycle bin for now. When I try to remove the file BOC425.xvu it says “ACCESS DENIED”.

Also, even though these files remain, when I go to my start menu , Comodo BOClean is listed but the right menu is EMPTY.

I was going to try to reinstall, but it asked if BOClean is removed - it seems to me it’s only partially removed and I have no idea of how to corrrect this and install BOClean again.

I would appreciate any help with this problem.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Libra

Hi Libra,

See if there’s one BOCore.exe running (press Ctrl+Alt+Del) and terminate it. This should have been done before the uninstallation but try to work from there.

Hi Japo,

Thank you for your reply. There’s no Bocore.exe running . The only thing related to BOClean in the task manager is the listing “BOClean Database is Corrupted!”

Should I try to reinstall BOClean even though I can’t delete the BOC425.xvu file and the message is still on my desktop saying BOClean Database is corrupted and to use “update” to correct (which didn’t work). Also, when I used the uninstall, the only thing relating to BOClean in the Task Manager was the BOClean corrupt message.

Sincerely, Libra

I have a post here “Help - BOClean Database corrupt”. I experienced the same problems with the notices and couldn’t update BOClean. I haven’t been able to remove the “BOClean Database is Corrupt” Message from my desktop and removed BOClean - it doesn’t seem to have removed it completely and I don’t know how to fix this. Although it said BOClean was completely removed, I still have the Corrupt BOClean message and the Program Files for BOClean, plus the BOC425.xvu which I can’t delete.

I never had these problems when Kevin and Nancy ran BOClean.

Sincerely, Libra

Hi Libra :slight_smile:

Install CBOClean over the corrupt installation. Than UNINSTALL it ! Now reboot and install CBOClean again. That should fix it.

When you ever encounter the " corrupt database " problem again, terminate both BOCore AND BOC425 processes, and use the updater from start menu, programs, Comodo, CBOClean. Than start CBOClean again, and it should be fixed.

Greetz, Red.

Are you looking in the “applications” tab of the task manager? You must look in the “processes” one. Also you can go to “start > control panel > admin. tools > services” and see is the BOCore service is running.

Hi Rednose,

I had it retry a couple of times, with the same error message. Also, when I first tried to install it said I had an older version of Boclean installed and to remove that first. The only version of BOClean on this computer today was 4.25 and now I can’t shut it down because it’s not in the systray and parts seem to be missing since I uninstalled it.

What else can I do?

Hi Japo:

I have Windows 98se so my Task Manager is different. BoClean doesn’t show up at all except for the Corrupt message. BUT I looked into System Information>Running tasks and Start Up Items and they both show BOC425.exe. I can’t stop them from there and I have no idea of what to do to remove BOClean and reinstall.

Sincerely, Libra

Ok Windows 98.

To kill the BOCore.exe, go to start, programs, MS-DOS prompt.

In the MS-DOS prompt Window :

Type : kill -BOCore.exe
And : Enter

Do the same for BOC425.EXE

( I hope I am right here, it’s a long time ago for me :wink: )

Now remove everything from CBOClean’s directory, and try the install/uninstall/install procedure as I descriped earlier again.

Greetz, Red.


CBOC does not install, or use bcore.exe in 98se, perhaps try a safe mode deinstall, removeing all files manually. Might also consider a support ticket if all else fails.



Hi Rednose,
I did a search for BOCore.exe and it’s not on this computer, so I tried the MSdos command kill -BOC425.exe and I got “bad command or file name”. Here’s a link to dos commands in case you might recognize what I need: MS-DOS Help and Commands

Serta, I appreciate your advice, but I no longer have BOClean in add/remove and the start menu shows Comodo, but the right menu is “empty”, so I don’t see how I can attempt to remove it in safe mode.

Although BOClean was removed, it is still in msconfig - but I am well aware that if I uncheck it, it will just put inself back with another entry.

Sincerely, Libra

If you use a utility like What’s Running or SIW, you may be able to actually delete the startup entry. Or, you can edit the Registry (which is where it’s coming from).

Have you checked Services for BOCore there?

For remnants of an uninstalled application, in some cases MSICUU2 helps.


Thank you for your reply, Little Mac. I don’t have any of those utilities, BUT I opened an urgent ticket with BOClean support (thank you, Serta, for suggesting that) and Karl e-mailed me to go into safemode and use add/remove there (which I wasn’t able to do), or to delete a key in regedit (which wasn’t there) or to use “find” in regedit and search for comodo. I used “find” and deleted 5 or 6 items and also deleted the Comodo folder from Program Files and the BOC425.xvu file.

I’m happy to say I was then able to install BOClean and all went well.

I appreciate everyone’s advice here and was very impressed at how fast support got back to me with a fix.

Sincerely, Libra

Great, I’m glad you got it resolved, Libra1!