Corrupt Bookmarks

I have been using CD for a couple of years now as well as Icedragon and used the latter more frequently. Just gone back to do something in CD and noticed that on my bookmarks bar there is significant corruption, screenshot attached.

There are some icons missing whereas others are there but have empty labels or strange characters. If I go into the bookmarks manager all the labels of this tip level folder have disappeared, but they seem to be OK elsewhere. I really need this bar re-instated.

Have tried uninstalling and rebooting, including choosing the option to remove the profile, which I thought would be the culprit. Not sure what else I can do. The only thing that has changed on my PC is that have changed from WRSA to CAV in the past week.

Any suggestions please?

[attachment deleted by admin]

It may be a problem with Dragon not being able to show all international alphabets. Something similar happens in CIS with publishers on the Trusted Software Vendor list. F.e. Chinese companies may show up like you see.

Have you tried exporting and reimporting bookmarks? You could also try using your bookmarks.bak file, found in the userdata folder. Just move the bookmatks file somewhere safe and rename the bak fileā€¦

One other thing, the bookmarks file can be viewed and edited in a text editor, which may help identifying any problems with the file itself.