Correcting decisions

I went with the recommended advice of Comodo and blocked a process permanantly. Upon consideration I believe this may have been premature. Does anyone know how I locate the full exe process title so that I can look into it further?


Which process has been blocked and was this blocked in the firewall or Defense+?

Look in the logs, i.e., Firewall or D+ You should recognize the event in either of them. That’ll be the clue to find what to unblock.

I’m not sure whether it was the firewall. It was before I was connected to the internet, but I suppose this doesn’t mean an executable wont try and gain internet permission…

The exe began with ‘bd’, which in hindsight makes me think it was something to do with the Bitdefender antivirus. Are the logs in ‘events’ in Common Tasks of D+ and firewall?

I have checked both and the process mentioned (and almost all other alert activity) doesn’t seem to be listed.


If a process has been blocked or sandboxed there will usually be a corresponding entry in one of the logs, according to which service was responsible for the block. The log files may be accessed by opening the CIS control panel from the system tray and either selecting the Firewall or Defense+ tab and then selecting view events.

You can also check the following locations for evidence of something being blocked:

Firewall/Network Security Policy
Defense+/Unrecognised Files
Defense+/Computer Security Policy/Blocked files
Defense+/Computer Security Policy/Defense+ Rules

I believe that since you blocked it permently, everytime the event fires it will log as ‘blocked’.

At least that’s what I see for Content_IE that I have blocked.