Correct Setup for Comodo Firewall

I recently moved from the Firewall with D+ to the new CIS. I notice (see pretty picture) that Firewall Pro is still in my security settings. Should I delete this? Is this setup correctly? It looks to me like there are a bunch of empty entries that could or should be removed.


[attachment deleted by admin]

These look like empty emtries to me. Push the purge button on the right side to get rid of obsolete settings. Did you import your configuration from CFP to CIS?

Have you cleanly re-installed or updated your CFP to CIS?

I finally decided to delete the entries (after saving my config file) and have not experienced any issues.
I’ve noticed this same issue with other entries – no real pattern.
Not sure if it has to do with me updating software or if Comodo loses a pointer or what.
If I learn anymore I’ll open a thread up.