correct setup for a standard pc user

i use commode firewall for a long time and i like it very much. now i want to install this great peace of software on the computer of my friend, but he is just a normal user and he doesnt want to get the popups of the firewall like i have. he just wants that the firewall is working in the background without popups. so what kind of setup do i have to choose that the firewall works as like as my friend wants ?? thanks in advance

With any firewall you get pop ups. But with Comodo you have 2 pop ups. One for the firewall and one for D+. You can tell your friend to put the firewall and D+ in training mode for a week. If your friend wants a simple no pop ip firewall then ZA is more suitable but inaffective.

Comodo Firewall 3 has actually has 3 choices of installation:

Firewall+Leak Protection
Firewall+Defense+ (Recommended)

As Vettetech said, But CFP in “Training mode” for atleast a week! Or try the Firewall with leak protection only.


thanks for your answers … i will try it

i used the kerio firewall before … and there the setup for normal user were that all the outgoing traffic was allowed and all the income traffic was blocked … is this a possibility that would work with comodo too ?

Hmm, controlling the outbound traffic is IMHO the main purpose of a desktop firewall. Allowing all outbound traffic would invite all trojans and other malware to phone home and download fürther malware components. If your friend connects to the internet through a DSL router, the routers firewall will by default most likely do just that: Allow all outbound traffic, block all inbound traffic. In this case, you’ll not gain much security by just doing the same thing on the desktop once more.