corporate level tech support

how to contact them?

Hi NYCBlond37

We have corporate support for paying products.


and saddly comodo slips down to a D in my grade book

Why is that?


No reason for that.
Questions are usually answered here in the forums in short order by very knowledgeable people.
For instance, where else can you get a quick response from the CEO of the company even if you have a paid version?

I don’t know… where else? :SMLR



What Comodo freeware programs are you using? What problems did you encounter?

This looks like just another Troll… >:(

Remember. Feeding the Trolls is bad… :wink:

Lee (B)

Hey, throw that book away…and just ask questions in the forum instead…so instead of corporate support, you will have a great forum support :wink:


Not sure exactly, due to a lack of clarity in the question, but perhaps this is the answer being sought:

If “corporate” is intended to mean “by Comodo directly” as opposed to “in the forums.”

Lee, no feeding trolls is not good (nor “trulls” for that matter…) but users with questions… those we try to help.


(but users with questions… those we try to help. )

I agree 100%, but on the other hand, 1st time posters, or even seasoned posters, should have enough manners and common sense to NOT start out with flames if they want help. Surely they know what to expect from their remarks. And maybe that is the reason for them. Huh??? Thoughts??
We have enough of those types already here thank you. :wink:
Stepping down from saddle. ;D

Everyone have a great week.

Lee (B)

One would think so, in general. :wink: There are some, however, who really have no familiarity with such things, and this can cause problems. We try to be understanding and give the benefit of the doubt. Rest assured, we are aware of the postings in question, and are monitoring the situation closely.


I guess I was just brought up in a little different time than some today. 88) Manners were taught before you could walk back then.
Even at my age, I still say Yes Mam and open doors for women. Some don’t like it, but HEY, Thats who I am.
Thanks LM. You and the other Moderators are doing a fantastic job on here. (:CLP)

Lee (B)

Thanks, and so was I, and I do that, too. And “Sir” as well. Old-fashioned, some have called me. Others apply other names. Ah, well… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, anything “old fashioned” is “in fashion”… doncha Know? hahaha ;D

Yeh. and I agree. (:KWL)