Cornfused beyond belief

I have no idea if this is the right spot or not for this post.

Several years ago I used Comodo firewall but found the configuration screens far too complicated. Well I decided to give the product another look see. I installed in on Win7 x64 and went looking for a current manual for the product. I looked and looked and all I got was more confused.

One of these searches sent me to Knowledgebase - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software but those manuals appear to be outdated as I have 5.9.x installed. As well this article Is there a User Manual for Personal Firewall? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software sends one off to a page for Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012.

Is there one centralized siite that one can actually find current manuals for your products?

Here is the current 5.9.x user guide.

its about a 12 mb .pdf file

All you needed to do was open the GUI by double clicking the tray icon, then selecting More followed by Help.

Ok thanks.

My confusion started off since I downloaded the product from here Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 which does not indicate that the Firewall product is actually a portion of the Internet Security Pro product.

I have a suggestion to at least have a link to this manual on the same page as the download for the file. In the case of the Firewall only product perhaps a clear explanation the download page above that the Firewall only product is a subset/portion of the Internet Security Pro and as such the Firewall section of the Pro manual is applicable.

… while i would wonder about rather everything additional next to a firewall to be a portion of an INTERNET security :wink:

However, its even more easier with comodo to have the related help for any given window. Press the link in the left down corner, “what is this?”. Thats better than a manual, where you would have to search first.

You can simply configure using the guide here

Yes, and please let me know if you still have any questions after reading the guide. I’m always looking for ways to improve it. :wink: