Coranti antivirus with 4 antivirus engine

Wouldn’t a second opinion be great when it comes to checking your PC for malware? How about a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion, then? And all in one go!

As our online activity increases, so does the threat of an attack from a malicious program or virus. Long gone are the days, when single hackers were out to make a name for themselves. Today, organized cybercriminals are systematically out to steal your money with an ever growing number of malware attacks and schemes.

We believe that only a diverse and multi-layered security concept can combat the bad guys and keep your PC safe. Beyond Coranti’s simple and friendly user interface lies an unrivalled security product that is powered by not one, but four world-class anti-malware scanning engines, each independently developed over many years by the following security software specialists:

Lavasoft Anti-Spyware

Coranti Multi-Engine AntiVirus & AntiSpyware is the only security product in the world to offer such high levels of protection from virus and spyware attacks, and features both real-time and on-demand protection.

Now you can have peace of mind that your online activities are safe with four engines running simultaneously to provide simply the best possible threat detection. And thanks to the innovative way that the four engines work together in perfect sync, you can have four times the detection power without four times the impact on your PC’s performance.

Although Coranti will co-exist with the majority of other security software products on the market, we recommend to uninstall other anti-malware products before installing Coranti to keep your PC running fast.

Make sure you’re protected and that your system is clean. Download our risk free 30-day trial and keep your PC safe with 4 anti-malware scan engines working concurrently!


Conarti review

I do not think the equation of more is better works with AV signatures…

It may give better detection, but not better protection.

After all, protection is a lot different from detection. I think it would be good for on demand scanning on infected systems.

I would like to see how it compares to CIS when Valkyrie gets integrated in to it.

so what happens to a new malware they don’t detect?

do they automatically sandbox it or allow it to execute and cause infection?

coranti is good at detection due to multiple integration of different antivirus engines but is not so good at blocking like comodo :110:

anyways whens Valkyrie being integrated to CIS and when is cloud scan being integrated in realtime protection (Melih) :love:

cloud scan is already in realtime protection