Copyright Date

I was just checking my database version on the ‘About’ screen in CIS, when I noticed that the Comodo copyright only extends to 2008!

Is this a mistake, or deliberate for some reason? ???

Bear in mind that I’m not an expert on copyright, I just thought it seemed odd, given we are now in 2009 :wink:

Copyright date is the date it is created or published and is good for a number of years after its created. So I don’t think unless its a major upgrade or change in mane the date has to be changed… I’m not no lawyer but I helped to support one a few years back!

Thanks for replying country2 :slight_smile:

Ok fair enough. I’m no expert when it comes to politics :slight_smile:

I just found it a little odd that the copyright date was a year behind, i didn’t know if that meant the copyright was invalid 88)

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: