Copying Random Folders

This product is potentially incredibly useful but I have had serious problems with it.

It copies random folders with folders of my backups. I have one drive just for data and I created another partition (On another physical drive) to copy the drive as a back up.

It works but as I said it copies random folders into the backup. Every folder it copies is empty and is usually abut ten folders per original folder. It even copies folders that are not on the same drive as the folders being backed up. It copies the actual back folders/files correctly.

I have tried many combinations of folder and location back ups but I can’t see a pattern.

I have had to stop using the programme completely.

Has anybody else had a similar problem?

I REALLY want to keep using this application but unless I foind a solution I won’t be able to.

I’m using Windows XP SP2.


I’m really disappointed that nobody from Comodo has replied. I get the feeling that the Backup application is being ignored in favour of more "profitable (promotion-wise) applications.

I feel that if you can’t support the product you should either withdraw it or make it clear that no support is given.


I’m sorry no one has responded to your question/issue. I have not yet used Backup, so I may not be of the most assistance to you, but some additional info will probably be useful:

System Info (aside from OS version), such as the Build for the OS, CPU type/speed, drive size(s), RAM, version of Backup, and size of the backup file (ie, how much data were you backing up).


I apologize for taking so long toi reply. Problems with my system mean I had to re-install and it seemed pointless to reply considering I had decided to retry the product after the reinstall.

The good news is that now I have switched to “Simple Copy” via a “User Backup” everything seems fine. I will try a test “Syncronization Backup” soon.

Okay, Phillip, I’m glad that’s working better for you now.

Please be sure to post your results after you try the Sync’d Backup.

Hope when you say you had to reinstall, that you meant your whole OS…