Copying files to external USB

I have version running on XP Home SP2.
When I check for Comodo updates, it tells me there are none.

Is there an easy way to stop the firewall from doing anything to files I copy to an external USB drive?

What I’ve observed is this:

  1. Since installing version 3 of the firewall, my backups to USB take 10 times longer (literally) than they did before.
  2. There is a HUGE list of “pending” files, and it’s not clear to me how to handle them. I tried to submit them, but after several hours of upload time, it was only a few percent done, so I aborted the upload.

Automated backups that used to run in about 90 minutes, now take 16 hours! If I shut off the firewall software, they run in about 90 minutes again. This is very bad performance impact, and there is no notification that the firewall is doing anything special during the backups.

Interestingly, copying files from one internal drive to another does not seem to suffer the extreme performance impact that is observed when copying files to an external USB drive. But the same performance hit IS observed when copying files across the network to shared storage drives.

I’m hoping that part of the problem is my lack of understanding as to how to configure the software properly - but I don’t see anything obvious that tells me how to remedy this issue. If possible, I would like to completely defeat any function in the firewall software that scans files, as my antivirus and antispyware software already imposes enough of a negative performance impact.

Any advice/suggestions GREATLY appreciated.

If you’re just copying files from one drive to another, that you know are safe, I suggest just removing them.

Normally with files I don’t recognize I purge, look-up, submit, but often I just remove.

I posted a question about U3 USB drives and Defense +. The pending list was massive with half the entry’s for the U3 starting and half for it ejecting. I’m not sure how to exclude this from defense +.

@HikerTrash, the main issue is the time it now takes to transfer files. There’s been a big increase there.

…If you’re just copying files from one drive to another, that you know are safe, I suggest just removing them…

I guess I’m too much of a newbie at this stuff… what do you mean by “remove them”?

I’m assuming you don’t mean delete the files, so “remove them” from what?

Also, how will that remedy the severe performance hit that I’m seeing with Comodo installed?

Thanks for your time and advice. I appreciate it.

I take it he means from his pending file. These are mainly U3 files when it installs and opens and then when it cleans up after and closes. It’s the time issue where D+ slows the install/clean up to a crawl.

I’d like to know how to add the U3 installer and clean up part to D+ (making it a trusted application) without allowing everything that’s on the U3 drive to be trusted. (if you get what I mean)