Copy to clipboard of AV dialogue box. Old title: Setup_FlipShare.exe FP

Please see screen shot. It would be much simpler if we could COPY the dialog that opens, and get this standard formatted information. Like with Windows error dialogs. That would be quite useful.

Comodo Antivirus has detected a Virus:
Name: Backdoor.Win32.Poison
Product site:
Product name: Setup_FlipShare.exe
Virus Sig dbase: 1157

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How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them

Moved your topic to the wish list forum for your wish.

Please submit the False Positive as described in the url Heffe D provided.

That’s what I thought I did do. What’s wrong with my report?!

Its under Antivirus wish list

it should be here

Moderators can move these topics. Couldn’t someone just move this one, like before?!

I checked the procedure and you followed the right procedure to submit a false positive.

There is one way I can don moderator magic here. I need you to put your startpost again and leave the wish part out. When that is done I will split the new part and put in the FP board.

Done I copied and made a separate FP report for GiacomoGo.

Thx. I just saw the topic you made in the [url=[ FP board[/url]. You actually made it twice. I will leave the honours to you to remove one of the two.

Fixed Double Post.
I’m havin hella bad connection today >:-D

Link to FP Report;msg291300#msg291300