Copy, Send to, Rescan files from Quarantined Items

I wish COMODO CIS have the following feature for the Quarantined Items.

  1. Can copy the file to the destination place.
  2. Can send the file to Virustotal or CIMA for further analysis.
    Because sometime those files are in restricted folder or area such as “System Volume Information” folder.
    If restore them, then we still do not have the right and can not locate it and send it to ViusrTotal or Comodo for further analysis.
  3. Add them to White List. Because some of the cure programs might be view as Riskware. If it is quarantined during the batch scan(Schedule scanned), then the file can be mark as white list.
  4. Selected quarantined files for Rescan. Or Rescan all of the quarantined files. It is very good function I think. Virus Signature update day by day. Some of them might be FP. Rescan can re-confirm if they are still suspicious.

Very good! :-TU

Sounds good to me.

Thank you HeffeD and Joker.

Further more to ReScan Quarantined Items, I wish after rescan CIS can tell me if it is “FP”. If it is FP, then I can restore it safely. ;D

For a whole buch of posts with suggestions regarding Quarantine, see this thread. Many of these suggestions were also mentioned there.

+1 these ideas should be implemented comodo team please have a look