copy rule form another application

It has been Realized in firewall.
will be Realize in D+ ?

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No i hope not, but you should get a popup from D+ as well.

And if the rule would get copied automatically into D+, then there’s not any need for having D+ as prevention at all.
Since that is what D+ is all about.


Hey 021., J_G is right - and on top of that…

there are two types of pop-ups (firewall, Defense+) they both do different things, these two components together provide great protection if you know how to use it.

Defense+ is a Host Intruision Prevention System and the Firewall… Is well… It’s a Firewall.

I try to make predefined rule .
if I can copy form the application that already created rule , I think it well be useful .

The Firewall will alert for Network actions. Defense+ will Alert for anything else apart from Network actions. The copy rule is not needed, Both Firewall & Defense+ work together well.

Hope this clarifies.


If I understood the question, then NO - You cannot copy D+ Rules from one application to another. You may only apply a predefined Rule or Custom Rule

For example:
I don’t know the application’s action,First I let D+ to ask me,Then how can I easily create predefined rule ?
if with this feature, users can easily modify existing rules to create a new rule.

There is a better alternative?

First of all - CIS has a number of predefined rules. You may change them. Also you are able to add (or delete) Predefined Rules by yourself.
Every Application may have one of the policies - One of Predefined or Custom.
Here “custom” means that you should configure all policy FOR THIS ONE application by yourself.
So any 2 applications with Custom Policy have THEIR OWN policy, absolutely independently of each other.

But if you has some application and want to Create a New Predefined Policy, based on this application Rules - you cannot do that :frowning:
And, as i told earlier, you also cannot to copy Rules from one application to another.
The only way to have several applications with absolutely equal Policy all time - Define a New group of applications and assign them some Predefined (or Custom) Policy.
But for defining a new FileGroup - you should go to My Protected Files (or My Blocked Files), then click on “Groups” botton and define group there.

Thank you for your reply.

Filegroup … I would rather choose custom until it get better.

Myself I got a list of 380+ items in Defense+. And I have some Predefines Security Policies. Yet it still would be easier on many occasions to just copy the rules of another program.


Because it takes rather some Windows knowledge before creating profiles. Copying from another pgm would be easy.

Now, if CIS would be using some sort of sql or whatever db thing to run it’s internals it could use for instance a ‘copy from db with pgm presets’ to speed things up when expanding it’s config…wow…