Copy - Paste part of a configuration [ serious help ]

Well We all tknow that you can’t import or export that Blocked zones . But we can import and export the entire Config.
So here is what i did to import and export the "Blocked zones " under comodo firewall security.
1] Precisely copied the data of blocked zones from blocked zones of previous configuration.
2] exported a config from CIS and pasted the the copied data precisely
3] Ssuceessfullly imported and activated the modified config.

Though it seems like i have successfully imported [ or copy-pasted] the Blocked zone in my new installation of CIS on diffrent machine [ i can see all the blocked IP ranges and web adressess in new CIS block zone ], i am afraid that it isnot working properly or will not work proplerly in near future .

Can someone please tell me , it will work or not ?

If the “Blocked Zones” you copied was from the exact same version (ex. v5.12.x) and exact same configuration (ex. Firewall Security) then you should be ok. If you were going from different versions or configurations then there is a greater risk of not working properly.

Same Version and it looks like its working :-TU

When editing the cfgx files you need to take into account that rules have a user ID (UID) string (a number specific for either the computer or user). I don’t know if that also applies Blocked Zones.

I don’t think it applies to the blocked zone.
I edited my .cfgx file with notepad++ , copied from " blocked address" to blocked addresses ’
its working .But i don’t think that it is valid procedure. so i installed peerblock to block ips and Hostman to block host . :smiley: