Copy/Paste from viewable entries

Can anyone tell me how to Copy/Paste from any of the accessible listings of Comodo’s I S Center/ Firewall/ View Firewall Events or View Active Connections or any of the other lists available from any of the different areas accessible? Maybe where to find the logs for all of these records because I have not found them in my system, that is shown in my sig.

Thank you for reading my messy poster toastie,

The easiest way if you want to have logs on one place is to click…
Misc > settings > Logging… and select “move it to” a specific folder…

Then all your logs will end up there, on one place… =)


Thank you for this reply, have had other issues with my system and Comodo’s AV additional feature. Have not been able to get here to check for any replies. What you are saying is the only way is to go to the logs and they are only saved in HTML is use one of my browsers. Could they also be or changed to TXT? If I bring up any of the logs, especially the FULL reports, even on my system takes from 3-5 minutes for the full report to show.

Plus I posted a message about my copy of Comodo’s AV giving many FPs on programs I have used for many years and none of my other scanning programs ID them as Heur or any sort of a threat. Examples: Spybot Search and Destroy plus their TeaTimer and many other. They are IDed as HEUR.----.---- so I feel these are all FPs. Any ideas from those in the know would be a very large HELP.

Forgot to mention while I was attempting to read several other posters messages, last night, my FF locked up and the only way out was to use TaskManager and kill it, which brought up a BSOD. That was it for me, closed all down and went to bed. Have been spending the morning scanning my system and finding all are AOK! At least the scans have produced no threats.

Thank you for the reply and for reading my poster toatie,