Copy Paste Doesn't Work in Firefox/IceDragon V22

Copy and paste function within Ice Dragon don’t work. It is a known issue with Firefox 22.

I was having the same problem with FF 22 and when it was updated to FF 23 copy paste started working just fine. Firefox forums cite Zonealarm as a possible cause, which I have and will continue to use. So until CD is updated to 23 I will not be using it. Thank you, it’s a great browser otherwise.

No other browsers have the same issue.

I have no extensions or themes installed. And all the usual plugins CD comes with.

Google Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m — Copy paste works perfectly
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Could you be more precise? What is not working? ???
I do not see a problem with copying a CID 22.
The same as in FF 24.
Thank you.

When you try to copy some text from within a browser window e.g. a news article it won’t copy to clipboard or it works once in a while. It was a problem in FF 22 on which the current version of CID based and it was caused by Zonealarm, or maybe it caused by something else but it was fixed starting FF23.

I do not know what kind of problem you have.
So I would suggest to change the name of the theme:
Copy Paste Don’t Work in IceDragon 22.
Maybe someone will say to you in more detail.
P.S. Maybe I did not encounter this problem. Or I do not understand. :slight_smile: