copy & paste does not work


I would like to ask you. I use latest windows 10 64b, latest CF v11. I found now CTRL+V does not work when I use it in sandbox. Sorry for my English. For example when I run some apps (browser or something) in sandbox (I use Proactive configuration CF) and copy and paste some text it does not work. When I paste it in windows it works. Can be caused it by Comodo?

Thank you for your answer.

It’s a known issue that will be changed in a future release.

I understand. Which version CF works?

I believe V8 was the last one that allowed copy and pasting.

It is shame. I believed it could be at least V10. Because I have windows 10.

Feature was added in CIS v10.0.2.6346 BETA so any version prior would allow you to share same clipboard between contained and non-contained applications.

THank you for your answer. So is it features or bug?

It is a feature to prevent clipboard based attacks.

I understand. Thank you very much. But I think it can be as option in menu - On/OFF

Where can I download old version?

Yes it was/is planned to have the option just like in CCAV but delays keep pushing the release that will have the option available. You can try either filehorse or filehippo to get older versions.

Thank you very much.