Copy D+ rules from another application

Is there a way for me to copy another applications D+ rule…?

I mean in comparison to the Firewall Application Rules, re:

Application Rules>Add (Browse/Running Process/File Groups)
Use Custom Policy>Copy from another application

Is there something like that in D+…?

That’s not possible. You can only use and modify the four standard policies.

Hello EricJH,

Thanks for th reply.

Hmm…Is there a way I can group some applications of the same nature like I did when I group all the browsers use or something like that and then place a rule for it…? ???

I stand corrected. Forget the part that is now striked in my previous post.

The way to go would be to make a predefined policy under Computer Security Policy → Predefined Policies.

But like you asked in your topic start it is not possible to copy D+ rules to a new D+ rule. That is possible in the Firewall though.

Hello EricJH,

I will check it out later as I am in the office. I was really looking for something just like in the Firewall. I think I have an idea now of what to do. Once I do it at home I’ll report back here. Thanks again :wink:


Just added a new policy that will be the policy for “alike applications” that I have. I hope in the future D+ rules can be copied from another application as in the firewall. In the meantime, this will do for me! Thanks EricJH!

voltron :slight_smile: